Tuesday, March 16, 2010

babalonia show@ anonimTm radio was born

The good friends at AnonimTM radio make this possible.First Babalonia show was born,and culture got spread .cumbia,afrolatin beats,dancehall,balkan,electronica-exotica do melange themselves in Babalonia show's summer kitchen.

1.funk como le gusta-16 toneladas
2.unknown-negro dito
3fela kuti-colonial mentality
4.lady g-poppin
5.k'naan-african way
6.994 crew-bad boy
7.busy signal-cool baby(poirier remix)
8.frankie paul-call the brigade
9.nickodemus-cleopatra in New York feat, carol c
10.orion-sombrero valteao(orion edit)
11.pad brapad-ben hora
12.manusound-himno al cucumelo
13.watcha clan-radio rebel
14.adrian sherwood-the house of games

bon apetit